I thought this concert was absolutely SUPERB!

In fact, it honestly ranks as one of the best performances of anything that I have ever heard. I thought the choir's sound was beautifully mellow and filled the cathedral perfectly. It really showed what a talented, masterful, and experienced group they are, singing in a wonderfully blended way and putting their hearts into it.

It was an evening of glorious music in a beautiful setting.

The choir was on really good form. There was lots of energy coming from the singers and it was very expressive.

… a wonderful and extremely uplifting musical experience.

Congratulations on a really first-class performance. It was the first time I had been to one of your concerts and I will definitely go to more.

What a memorable evening ... superb choral production, as always.

A truly wonderful concert in a beautiful setting.

The concert was a delight.

Don't know how Nigel P gets such distinct differentiation of parts, animation, force and life force from the choir.

We thought the concert was your best ever. Absolutely perfect and fabulous in every way, and even better than the first time you performed it years ago. Stupendous!

Very many congratulations on a really stunning evening of music.

It was a truly fabulous evening!